Factors Affecting Your Bail

If a loved one has been incarcerated for a suspected offense, they are probably desperate for freedom. The judge presiding over their case might free them on bail. One of the questions that may be bothering you is what determines the bail amount. Here are some of the main determinants of bail amounts.

Posted Bail Schedules

In many jurisdictions, defendants can post bail with the police even before they are arraigned in court. When setting bail amounts for common crimes, the police refer to posted bail schedules. Therefore, an accused party can be released after booking when they pay the bail amount set in the jailhouse bail schedule. 

Although bail schedules vary depending on the type of crime, the accused's locality, and residency, bail for felonies is often a few times more than required for misdemeanors. Another thing with jailhouse bail is that it is inflexible. Therefore, the police cannot accept what isn't indicated in the bail schedule.

Past Court Appearances

The purpose of bail is to ensure the accused party appears for court hearings. If the accused has a history of not attending court hearings, they are likely to pay a high bail amount. In some cases, the judge may deny bail to a notorious person for skipping court dates.

Besides affecting the bail amount, a defendant who fails to attend court for their hearing will lose their bail bond. This means their cash bond will not be refunded, and their property bond will be forfeited. Secondly, there will be a warrant for their arrest. If the accused is dealing with a bail bonds service, the agency will hire bounty hunters to find them.

Criminal History

When setting bail, the judge will consider the charges against the accused. If the defendant has a history of criminal activity, the judge will set a high bail amount.

Furthermore, if the accused has a history of violating the terms of their probation or parole, their bail will be higher. However, the judge will most likely set a lower bail for minor offenses or first-time offenders.

Risk to Public Safety

Another consideration the judge makes when setting bail is one's danger to others in the community and themselves. According to one judge, a person well invested in a community poses a low flight risk. 

A well-respected person in the community is also less likely to endanger others or engage in more crimes. Therefore, if the accused has strong ties to a community, they will get a low bail requirement.

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