When Your Loved One Is Arrested Far Away

If a loved one has called for help, it's only natural to do whatever you can to do. Getting loved ones out of jail is something that happens to many families from time to time. While it can feel much more difficult to help a loved one when they are being held in another city or state, it's not impossible. Read on and find out how to arrange bail when a loved one is far away.

General Bail Information

Bail bonds are an alternative to paying the full bail charged by the jail. They are purchased from a third-party business that deals directly with jail personnel to get clients bailed out. A bail bond does the same thing bail paid to the jail does, it allows the release of your loved one. However, bail bonds cost a percentage of the full bail cost. That means bail bonds (emphasis on "bonds") are cheaper than bail.

How It Usually Works

In most cases, you phone a bail bonding agency near the location in which your loved one is being held. Most bail bonding agencies are conveniently located near jails and courthouses. Let the agent know where your loved one is being held, the charges, and the amount of the bail. Then, go to the bail bonding location to pay and sign some paperwork. However, if your loved one is not being held locally, you may need to do a bit more work.

Dealing with Long Distance Bail Situations

It's not as easy finding a bail bonding agency that will work with out-of-state bail bonding agencies, but they do exist. Some bail agencies will work as a go-between to facilitate the bail bond by working with an agency in your loved one's location. This may be known as a transfer bond in some places. You will pay the local agent and they will transfer the bail bond to a bonding agency in your loved one's location.

You may also be able to make arrangements over the phone with a bail bonding company if they accept payments over the phone and agree to fax you the paperwork. You must sign the forms and return them quickly to the agency. However, you must consider that your loved one will need to appear in person at the bail bonding agency, regardless of the location, and sign a bail agreement there. The only other choice you have for getting your loved one out of jail is to travel to the location they are being held and work with a local bail bonding company.

Start by phoning a local bail bonding company to find out what they can do for you and your loved one.

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