3 Reasons Why A Bail Bond Agent My Be Calling You

Getting random calls on your phone is a fact of life. You can get calls from utility companies, companies that are advertising their business, and from medical offices reminding you to schedule a checkup. These calls are common although you may not be expecting them. Getting a call from a bail bondsman can be different for many reasons. If you are not sure why you have a missed phone call from a bail bond agent, there are two things that may be going on. 

1. Someone used you as a reference 

It is common for bail bond agents to ask those who are receiving a bail bond for references. The references can be anyone who knows them. This question is asked so that the bail bond agents will be able to find the person on the bond and the person who cosigned for the bond in the event that there is an issue. If the bondsman is calling, they may need information from you as the reference. 

2. A friend is on the run

Even if a friend or loved one did not use you as a reference, it is still possible that a bail bond agent will call you regarding their case. Often bail bond agents will do a deeper background search when someone is on the run. Bail agents will ask around for who may have last seen a person when they are on the run. If the bail agent is calling you, they will want to know when you last saw your friend. If you have any information on where your friend is or when you last saw them, you can expect this to be the main topic of conversation. 

3. Looking for a new cosigner

If you are close to a person who has a bail bond, it is possible that you may be called to be a new co-signer. Cosigners for bail bonds will often be required to meet certain standards. If the old cosigner no longer meets these qualifications or if they no longer want to be on the bond, the person on bail will need to find another cosigner. If you get a call from a bail bond office, it is possible that a loved one is looking for another cosigner. In the event that another cosigner cannot be found, the person on bail will have to go back to jail. Therefore, a new cosigner will need to be found before the person on bail is permitted to leave the office. 

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